Commander's Comments, August 2017

August 18, 2017 --

Team Battle Creek,

It’s hard to believe that it has been 75 days since our last drill.  I hope this drill finds you prepared and re-energized as summer comes to a close.  A lot has happened since the June RSD.  My comments below are aimed at updating everyone on key Wing activity over the past couple of months.

Our Open House on Friday, 30 June was a resounding success.  Over 800 people from our surrounding communities (and beyond) attended the Open House and we continue to receive extremely positive feedback.  Our stated goals for the open house were to maintain/enhance our connection with our local communities, boost marketing/recruiting of the Wing, and provide an opportunity to showcase our missions and people.  Without question, we achieved all 3 of these objectives.  Following the Open House we conducted a building dedication and posthumous decoration presentation.  As of 30 June, Building 6913 has now been officially named as the Col Dave Kennedy Airmen and Family Wellness Center. 

Northern Strike 17 was an excellent readiness event for the Wing.  With respect to readiness, leading up to Northern Strike, the Wing conducted a Crisis Action Team and continuity of operations exercise at the Alpena CRTC.  This readiness exercise tested our ability to command control significant events from a distance and we gained additional proficiency in Crisis Action Team and continuity of operations procedures.  As we moved into direct support of Northern Strike, our footprint consisted of approximately 65 personnel.  Most of our personnel were based out of Alpena; however, we had many people in the field and at Camp Grayling. Our support included public affairs, medical, chaplains, JAG, POL, Safety, PERSCO, Wing Operations Center, Air Component Coordination Element, Joint Air Component Coordination Element, and the work at home station by the AOG to provide the backbone for the exercise.  Overall, the 110th provided critical support that enhanced the success and outcome of Northern Strike 2017.  Impressive performance by all who participated!

A vast majority of our AOG personnel who deployed last January are now back at home safely.  Please welcome them home and congratulate them on a job well done.  Our AOG personnel received tremendous recognition and their performance was stellar in all aspects.  Most important, our people played a direct role in several key events in support of Operation Inherent Resolve and Operation Freedom Sentinel. 

When you arrive at drill, you may notice a Strategic Plan waterfall chart on the wall in your respective building.  This is by design as we have now formally rolled out our 2017 Wing Strategic Plan.  The intent of the waterfall chart/scorecard is to provide monthly real-time updates showing our progress toward completing the objectives identified on our Strategic Plan.  Our 18 month goal is very attainable and we want this process to be transparent for the entire Wing. 

Finally, our DEOCS (Unit Climate Assessment) survey is available for you to complete.   The survey is available through close of business Sep RSD.  Please help us improve the Wing by providing open, candid feedback.  Your input last year was extremely valuable, and we look forward to your constructive feedback again this year.  Thanks in advance.   

My best to you and your family!