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  • MWR Vouchers & Military Discounts

    MWR Vouchers for the following discounts are available in the Family Program Office, Bldg. 6905 - Cornwell's Dinner Theater - $9.00 off dinner & Show - K-Wings Hockey - $3.00 off home games - Grand Rapids Rampage Football - $2.50 off home games
  • Projected C-27 Mission

    C27 MissionC-27J missions include maritime patrol, tactical operations, medical evacuation, ground refueling, fire-fighting and aerial spraying.C27 BackgroundThe C-27J is the newest cargo aircraft in the Air Force inventory. It is projected to arrive at Battle Creek Air National Guard Base in the summer of 2012. The missions the C-27J will be
  • Readiness

    Why is Readiness important?- Reduces stress - Helps families and Guard members cope- Clears up misunderstandings- Helps you stay financially sound- Gives a sense of control in uncontrollable situations- Helps you know where to go for assistance- Reduces emergencies and minimizes emergency leaves- Helps to ensure a successful mission
  • Telephone Listing

    - Security Forces:   DSN 580-3300, (269) 969-3300 - Fire Department:    DSN 580-3349 (269) 969-3349 - Recruiting:   DSN 580-3239 (269) 969-3239 - 110th Fighter Wing Commander:   DSN 580-3221 (269) 969-3221 - 110th Logistics Group Commander:   DSN 580-3369 (269) 969-3369 - 110th Logistics Squadron Commander:   DSN 580-3365 (269) 969-3365 - 110th
  • Upcoming Events

    - September - Cereal City Corporate Cup - 01 October -  Family Day - 31 October - Halloween - November - Strategic Planning - 19 November - Blessings in a Box - 03 December - Holiday Party - December - Operation Yuletide Gift Lift- 21 December - Youth Holiday Break Fun Day
  • Volunteers

    There are various opportunities for you to assist our unit in providing support for our military members and families during peacetime and mobilizations. You can help enhance the wellness and readiness of the Michigan Air Guard, in a variety of ways: Volunteers can earn community service credits for college, honor societies, or service clubs! If
  • Youth

    Michigan National Guard Youth Leadership Camp This youth camp is for 150 youngsters 9-12 yrs old who are dependents of active and retired Michigan National Guard members and DMVA employees. The camp is designed to provide a positive experience through leadership classes, individual confidence and positive self-esteem building, as well as team