Commander's Comments, May 2018

Battle Creek Air National Guard Base, Mich. --

Spring has sprung.  The weather has turned to warm and sunny, drawing more people outside.  The activities we take part in this time of year have an increased chance of injury.  Our people are our most valuable asset and without you we cannot perform our missions.  We all need to think before we act, and then act in a safe manner.  The Air Force Safety Center has a “Check 3” initiative:  1. Always have the right gear.  2. Plan the activity.  3. Ensure you have the proper skills for the activity.  Common areas of concern include; 2-wheeled vehicles, pedestrians, don’t drink and drive, fire and fireworks, staying hydrated, overexposure to sun, and sports injuries.  Please take appropriate precautions and take care of yourself so that you can continue to contribute to both family and service commitments.

On another note, if you are taking prescription medications please ensure that it is in your records at Medical Group.  If you get selected for random urinalysis and test positive, they will check your records.  Please ensure your records are kept up to date to avoid complications.

On Sat, 5 May at 1500 we will celebrate the outstanding career of Col Keir Knapp.  Col Knapp is retiring effective 1 Jun 2018, with 30 years of service to the nation and 20 years of service to the MI ANG.  Col Knapp served in numerous roles and commanded at every level in the Air Force.  His positive impact and influence on our people and missions will leave a lasting legacy. Without question, Col Knapp will be missed by many.  We wish Col Knapp and his wife Cindy the best in their retirement.

On 9 June we will have the pleasure of hosting the Director, Air National Guard (DANG), Lieutenant General L. Scott Rice.  He will be visiting several work areas and meeting the fine members of the 110th.  There will also be a town hall-style briefing with an opportunity to ask questions.

10 June is Wingman Day and Family Day.  Please plan to bring your family out and introduce them to your coworkers.  There will be educational and fun activities to keep everyone engaged.

Have a great Regular Scheduled Drill (RSD)!